That naked passenger

A naked runner, mid-air, on a plane heading for the cockpit… Not an everyday sight

All the nude running events are weird enough (well running itself is strange, no?) but what a surprise it must be to see a naked man yelling and making for the cockpit whilst on a flight to Alaska!

An Alaska Airlines passenger looked up from his audio book to this exact scene and at first he thought “I thought it was some kind of attack,” said Nick Steffl.

He ran to the back of the plane and confronted the man while another passenger helped restrain the man. The plane landed safely about 45 minutes later and the nudist was taken to an Anchorage hospital.

Traveling to Alaska for a summer job in tourism, Steffl (30) Steffl said that the incident was funnier afterwards but not so much high in the sky.

“I heard him whooping and hollering like he was having a good time,
‘Woo-hoo,'” Steffl said.

Steffl loosened his seat belt and blocked the way of the young man, who then went into “bro” mode, Steffl said.

“He said, ‘Hey man, what’s going on?'” Steffl said. “And my adrenaline is just pumping. I’m in flight response, after a guy’s running toward the cockpit after a post 9/11 flight. I was almost raging at that point.”

In a profanity-laced question, Steffl asked the man was he was doing. The man replied with a “smartass” response. Steffl slapped him. The young man was never violent.

Responding to a “smartass” comment from the naked young man, ‘I slapped him across the face’.
“I was the one that got violent,” Steffl said. “I slapped him across the face and he was like, ‘Oh, I like it.'”

According to an airport spokesperson the incident is referred to as “medical” and that confidentiality rules prohibited any staff from comment.

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