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Would you visit, or work in, this “naked restaurant”?

Tokyo will soon have a restaurant like no other. Japan, known for its sometimes-bizarre, sophistication and efficient people and places, will now see the birth of a “naked restaurant”.

This will of course cause a lot of stir and excitement – but it does not mean you may attend simply because you have a booking! No sir. First on the taboo list is weight issues. Diners will be weighed and allowed or rejected if found outside of the ideal weight.
Secondly, tattoos are not overlooked. How many people nowadays don’t have tattoos? Lastly, similar to eating establishments in Melbourne and London,
The Amrita will have strict age restrictions and you will have to be between 18 and 60 In shorter words, you have to be pure, beautiful and young.

If you pass all the above points however, you may leave your clothing at the front desk, put on paper underwear provided by the restaurant, and enter. How long before the Kardashians are seen here?

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